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Learning beyond Snap Circuits

We're two MIT students trying to build product that helps kids bridge the gap between playing with Snap Circuits and designing their own electronics projects by teaching kids the engineering concepts that power circuits.

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Our Story

Learning beyond Snap Circuits

My 7 year old brother Leo is obsessed with Snap Circuits. He has multiple sets, has completed every project, and memorized every part. Snap Circuits is a really good entry point for learning about electronics, however, it doesn't explain the electronics concepts well enough for Leo to reason through the "why"s so that he can invent his own projects.

I've been buying books and kits, arduinos, and robot sets for years so that Leo can learn more about the theory behind Snap Circuits, but a good bridge doesn't really exist. I'm planning on making some combination of the following ideas for Leo's birthday coming up on September 18th, and I realized that other kids could benefit from these inventions too:

  • Snap Circuit extension booklets - more projects to build from existing parts since Leo has run out of new projects to build.
  • Science manuals - accompanying Snap Circuit manuals that explain the physics of each project with more clarity, lots of pictures, and fun characters such as Mr. Resister.
  • Additional electronic parts - compatible with Snap Circuits that allow for more projects.
  • Handheld programming device - for a smooth transition to programming.

Our Team

We're two students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that love hacking and working on projects.

Some of the past projects that we have worked on include:

Zachary Pitcher
Catherine Zeng